Engagement Program

How the Program works:-
  • Each Wednesday students leave the Residential Campus at 8.30am, arriving at Geoff Wedlock Innovation Park at 9.15am.  Students would leave at 3.15pm to be back by 4.00pm
  • Students wear College Hi Vis clothing and steel capped boots
  • Students are engaged in the daily work program with MEEDAC participants in pairs or small groups.
  • Students will be subject to the College Code of Behaviour and Behaviour Management Policy as with any normal school day or excursion.
The WA College of Agriculture - Morawa  participates by-:
  • Supplying 6 – 8 students each Wednesday (same students every week)
  • Providing students with a packed morning tea and lunch (students provide own water bottle as for farm)
  • Supplying a staff member, AIEO or Technical Officer to transport students and supervise
  • Suppling Rosa Bus to Transport students
  • Providing students with insurance that is covered under DoE Work placement/Work Experience
  • Students with a Diary/time book to record daily work, routines and attendance
MEEDAC participates by:-
  • Providing an induction and OHS for students
  • Beginning each day with a 20-30minute Tool Box Meeting
  • Providing meaningful work for students to be involved in 
  • Providing mentoring using MEEDAC participants
  • Providing Role Model and Mentoring from MEEDAC Staff
  • Providing toilet facilities
Together, WACoA  - Morawa  and MEEDAC make sure:-
  • MEEDAC provides two rows, 220 m for horticulture production
  • WACOA Morawa provide seeds/seedlings for planting
  • That production returns to the WACOA Morawa Residential Campus
  • They hold monthly meeting, on site when possible to review 
  • Both parties sign a Double Agreement